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Poll do you foil your ribs & butts??? - Page 2

Poll Results: Do you foil your ribs and butts or not?

  • 53% (157)
    I foil both my ribs and my butts.
  • 17% (52)
    I foil by ribs but not my butts.
  • 10% (30)
    I foil my butts but not my ribs.
  • 18% (56)
    I don't foil my ribs or my butts.
295 Total Votes  
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When I first started smoking ribs I did't foil. Now I have been using the 3-2-1 method for spares 2-2-1 for baby backs. So foil for 2 hours. I don't foil the butts.
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I foil m ribs, but not the butt. I like the juices on the ribs, but oh so love the bark on the butt. But that is just me and how I do it now, all subject to change.

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Take care, have fun, and do good!


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I have become addicted to foiling.
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I'm the SAME as 'Fire it up' but I voted foil both...

I just can't imagine not foiling and toweling a BUTT because of the resulting benefits it has.
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That's what I would suggest, pull at 195, foil and towel in a cooler for an hr.

I'll bet they're not mushy PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I foil both but I cut down the foiling time on my ribs.
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I think it really depends on the type of smoker your using and the fuel you choose.

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I mostly don't, but have, and probably will again. I like to mix things up sometimes.
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I'm a non foiler on ribs and I love it. I tried the 3-2-1 a few years ago and results were good. Just got lazy when it was time to foil and said screw it. The texture of the rib is much better I think.

As for the butts it's not that I prefer to foil but it seems like all my cooks start late morning and by late afternoon/early evening I want to clean up everything before dark so I will then foil the butt and transfer to the oven to finish it off. But it is on my to do list to take a butt start to finish w/ no foil.
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So how long do you cook ribs without foiling?

I use the 3-1-1 and so far have loved the results.
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I don't foil the ribs until they are ready to come off and "rest". They either go into a warming box on the smoker, or into an ice chest. If it's a big feed, we will pan and cover rather than wrap individual racks. Those are the ones that generally go into the warming box of the smoker.
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I foil my families ribs as they prefer fall off the bone and not foil my rack because I prefer the pull.

Extreme noobie who has not smoked a butt yet.
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I foil both. Havn't tried non foiled ribs yet but I plan to soon just to see the difference.
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all depends.

in my WSM BB's typically take about 4-4.5 hours, spares about an hour more.
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Always foil my ribs. I'll have to try foiling my butts next time.
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I foil my butts after they are pulled from the smoker and then wrap them in a towel and place em in a cooler. I like my ribs 3-2-1 2-2-1 method.
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What he said, pull the butt at about 195 wrap it and into the cooler!!
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I have only done two brisket's, one butt & 4 racks of baby backs. So far, I have foiled everything & it was the best meat I have ever put heat to. I am scared to try it any other way. This weekend will be two spares & another butt.
Plus, it gives me a chance to play with the shiny stuff. icon_wink.gif
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I've been foiling them in the past, but tonight I did a 6 hour smoke with no foil, while misting them with apple juice, cider vinegar, and olive oil mixed together every hour or so. I think they came out pretty good, but they won't get eaten until tomorrow afternoon. :-(

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