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My Try at Corning Beef

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I got two briskets doing the backstroke in brine right now. Lets see that mound of salt is surrounded by garlic powder, onion powder, cloves, pepper corns, coriander, mustard seed, allspice, rosemary, fennel, cinnamon stick, bay leaf, red pepper flakes, pickling spice and then brown sugar. There is instacure in it too of course. Simmered up the whole mess in 3 gal water, then chilled it down. The briskies are cut in half so 4 pieces. 2 will be for St. Paddy's, and 2 will go on to a glamorous life as pastrami. If this tastes even half as good as it is smelling, I'm in for a treat.More to come as this project progresses.
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Good luck, sounds great.
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Good luck on your first go at making your own from scratch.
Picked up a packer today myself for St. Patrick's Day chipotle corned beef.
Cure injection is cooling as I type PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks and sounds great. I was gonna brine?wet cure mine this year but just did the dry cure again. I haven't been dissapointed yet, but still wanna do a brine. I have one out of three left so..................
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Looking good!!

Shot mine up and sent it swimming Saturday, can't wait!!
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Looks good. I just did my first corned beef then most of that smoked for pastrami. Great stuff. You will love it.
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Just finished up my 1st cure myself last week....tried a butt as I had seen on a previous post.....came out absolutely great.....did half as a pork pastrami and the other half as dry roasted in a pressure cooker....will be doing my post on the cure and finished product with QViews tomorrow....

Q Dawg
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Looking forward to seeing these finished. That's something I want to try, just haven't gotten around to it yet.
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Man Mule everything looks great on your first try to. I remember my first one it was sooooooo gooooddd and believe me when I tell you you will never buy another one you wait.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks and Sounds Great, Looking forward to seeing the final results...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Subscribing so I can drool later. Everything sounds and looks great so far. I'm sure we are going to have some great Qviews after St. Patty's day.
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Yea I need to try this some day as well.
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This might be a lame question. How long do u brine it for? just starting to think of doing some corned beef for st. pats day
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Not sure how long it takes to brine but the way I do mine (brine injection then dry rub) can be ready is about 5-6 days but I let them go 10 days.
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Second Stage

Okay, pulled the briskets outta the brine this weekend. Two halves are sitting in the fridge waiting for the big day tomorrow. The other two halves went on to become pastrami. I made a nice rub out of brown sugar, CBP, coarse ground coriander and mustard, thyme, paprika, garlic powder and kosher salt . Then into the smoker for the magic it worked on them. The new slicer did a fine job of giving me paper thin slices some of which went on to become our dinner tonight of some of the best Reubens I've ever had. Very happy with my end result. We will see how our boiled dinner is tomorrow night in chapter three. I don't see myself ever buying pastrami again after this.
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Looking very tasty.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif I am slicing my pastrami as I type this. Just taking a break for a few.
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Your pics look extreamly lean! Wow nice for sure, got any left to send me??
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Good looking pastrami. One of these days i'll have to do one.icon_mrgreen.gificon_mrgreen.gif
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Pastrami-Corned Beef

I did the same with a brisket. Cut in two and used the small end for Pastrami. Brined it for about 10 days. Smoked the Pastrami this last weekend. At first it seemed too salty but after is rested overnight and slicing, it didn't seem that salty. It looked like Pastrami and tasted like Pastrami.

Pulled the corned beef (large end of the brisket) from the brine last night and it is sitting in the fridge ready for boiling today.

Here is a pic of the final smoked Pastrami. Smoked for 5 hours starting at around 130 and moving to 200 until an internal temp of 150 was achieved.

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