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I scored a gem!

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I know it'sa not a smoker, but didnt know where else to put this.

Got this little beauty the other day clearing out a house we had listed. The owner died and her son after clearing out the entire house says to me (as we opened the garage door) - "just throw all that $%&# out into the dumpster so we can be done with it." He didnt car what I took!!!! SCORE!!!!

Aslo got the bigger Weber Kettle in perfect shape, along with some misc. old tools and general "garage" items.
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Can't say I have ever seen anything like that. Looks pretty cool.
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Best I can tell it's called a "Ball-B-Q". Guess it appeared on "That 70's Show" and it sure does look like a 70's era type of grill. Cool little guy...I will use it to grill up some items. Wish I could figure out a cool "smoker" project for it! Suggestions????
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Thats a real pice of retro vintage Americana there. Nice score!
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Add a smoke generator to it?
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The Jetsons comes to mind, that's a nice retro grill! icon_smile.gif
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Love it, it's so 70s.
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Nice!! American Pickers would be proud of you!!icon_smile.gif
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Just watched it, love that show.
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Hey meateater, you beat me to the punch. Jetsons popped in my mind the second I saw it. Anyway, very unique!!

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I've seen em before, perty cool, always remind me of a hair dryer at the wemen's saloon!
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Paint it and put it on E-bay .. you might be surprised how much a piece of retro 70's bb-q garbage is worth... but then u'd have to give it to someone else.. for useless green paper of course..


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Throw away the lid, grate, hinge, line with foam cover with leather, make a great bar stool.
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I did a search and some fool has one for sale at over $250. that has me thinking!
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Is the tube hollow?? Make a platform, run some plumbing tubing to it from a homemade metal box, that you build, & smoke away.
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That things goes back away's.. Probably the Jimmie Hendrix era. Makes one want to smoke a big fatty! icon_mrgreen.gif not that kind of fatty of course.
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