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Is carp crap? - Page 2

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Right on.

I say that but I will eat a crap load of blue crab and oysters which essentially do the same thing (crabs are scavengers and oysters filter our great bay water).
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I find carp pretty good, but you need to get around the bones.
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You can always filter them like crawdads in buckets of water. Carp will just keep eating to eat.
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Now there are some great tasting bottom feeders......(likes mine raw....with hot sauce and horseradish)

On the Bay, one might even wash that down with a Yuengling.
(in season of course) icon_mrgreen.gif
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Never ate the things, but always went bow fishing for them, and gar.
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there's nothing wrong with carp in my opinion.

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Smoked carp is really good. Catch your carp, make sure you have a tub big enough to hold the carp for a few days. When you get home put the carp in the water (alive) for about 3 days. Change the water every day. After 3 days most of the toxins and mud flavor should be gone. When you are ready to clean it take out the mud vein, head it, gut it, scale it. Cut it into 2 sides. Brine it over night in a little salt water with any spices you want. When you smoke it just use the time and temp you find for smoking salmon.

Caution: Carp is a very fatty fish. Some people don't like this. When you eat it it will be very greasy, but tasty.

I hope this helps a little.
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3 ta 5 lb cool water carp, scale it, fillet it out, cut out the mud strip, nice brine an smoke it. Better en salmon in my book.

It ain't fer everbody, but then again there be folks what don't like steak.

Any fish ya eat has the possibilities a havin this er that in it, so does most anythin we eat, water? Well it's gettin more polluted all the time. I try an get mine outa good movin water, don't fish near the sewage treatment plant an yer more in likely ok. Just my two coppers worth on it.
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In Texas we JOKE lay the filet of carp on a plank of pine , smoke it and then throw the carp away and eat the plank .

In Texas we hunt them with bows . Let us know how you come out .

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Carp is good Fried if a person knows how to score them to get rid of the small bones...
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You got it. Scored carp with a load of lemon juice is tolerable to almost anyone. Not a big fan myself. I'm always able to catch catfish, but in a pinch carp will do as long as it comes from clean(er) waters. We used to eat it a lot when I was a kid and we lived mostly off critters.

One funny thing. I used to know a guy that lived on the Illinois river near Rice Lake. We would use his property to put our boat in. He called them sewer bass. My buddy and I would bring him Bugler tobacco and cans of chili and such and he would show us where to fish. The guy lived off the land eating mushrooms, fiddle ferns, and wild onions, but he wouldn't touch a "sewer bass".
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There are carp and then there are Asian carp. My edible comments were about the old yellow carp that have been around a while. These new Asian carp are not good for much of anything but fertilizer and pet food. And dangerous to boot:


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That aint just Texas.
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Whats funny is that in most parts of the world they consider catfish inedible and carp a dish, just the opposite here, Ive never seen a carp in a meat case myself.
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Here in Illinois the Asian Carp became so abundant in the Illinois river, it put quite a few fisherman at the brink of going out of business because the Carp had taken over the river. !!! The fisherman finally decided "If you can't fight them, Join them !!!" There are now several fishing businesses shipping tons of these Asian Carp to the west coast to where there is quite a demand for them I am told.....!!! Somebody must know something.....I've heard they are very good eating....in fact on Guy's Triple D TV show he featured a place I believe down south that specialized in nothing but a lot of different carp dishes.....a great amout I remember were deep fried.....people were standing in line to get in this place.....!!!

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No offense....but you can't polish a turd. LOL!
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LOL, My family was enjoying catfish (when I was a kid) a long time before it was accepted by most "Northerners" around here. I used to hear, "Ewwwww, you eat catfish??" Now a catfish dinner runs around $20 at many local restaurants. I always loved catfish, as long as they weren't bullheads caught in the summer (muddy tasting), and as long as they weren't too big (oily). We used to go night fishing and bring home the limit----50 per person.

We never ate Carp----only used them for fertilizer.

I don't know about other states, but for many years it has been ILLEGAL to import Asian Carp into PA.

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Same here as far as people wanting catfish. But I still hear Carp is not a good tasting fish
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I did some more checking and may have been wrong about the Asian carp. Next time one jumps into your boat, assuming you have any teeth left to eat it with, here are some recipes (fried and smoked):

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born and raised in omaha,and yes carp is great.


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