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Injected Hot Wings w/q-view

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Wasnt going to fire up the WSM, but it is so dang easy to operate I changed my mind. Got some chicken wings, and cut them inot wings and drummies. Injected them with a garlic & oil mix, and then tossed some of my buddy's rub, and then a little of my rub on to give some color.

On the WSM now, to bea ready for the game. Gonna toss the finished wings in Texas Pete, and melted butter..

injected, rubbed and ready to go:

TBS is kicking out of the WSM,

thanks for looking, & more to come
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a little blue cheese and your ready
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your right,

I think we are doing ranch, and some celery and carrot sitcks..
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Ok, I have a bowl of blue cheese dressing in one hand and a beer in the other. When do we eat?
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Now wing with some homemade blue cheese dressing and celery an carrot sicks now thats a good way to watch anything well except grass grow.
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You being from the beatiful Northwest, Id be more interested in the seafood(crab, oysters, etc.)
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wings on the WSM:

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looking good
get out the hot sauce
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Damn right with the ranch, ugh I can't stand moldy cheese.
For an extra kick I like to use a jalapeno ranch mixed with some chipotle powder.
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nice twist..

about 10 minutes from opening the smoker for the first time. pretty sure Ill like what i see.

time to melt some butter, and get the Texas Pete wing sauce ready..
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Chisoxjim, you are on to something... Remove the bone and stuff those wings with smoked crab and salmon.. oh and cream cheese! Maybe some roasted garlic... Now that requires a bowl of blue cheese dressing and a six pack of Negra Modelo!

That said... I'd still take these wings as is and enjoy the heck out of them!
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the injection made these wings poppin with flavor and moist.

Texas Pete and butter wing sauce were a nice finish:

wing snack:

just a snack for the hockey game which i already switched off(just cant get into hockey). French Onion soup to be started shortly

thanks for looking, these wings were really good.
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Awesome Pics! And those wings look incredible, time to pick my jaw up off the table PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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they were good, icon_smile.gif
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