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Money Muscle

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Ok, I've heard the term, "Money Muscle" for the best part of a pork shoulder. So, where is this at and how do I get to it?
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I saw Myron Mixon talk about the money muscle on one of the talk shows he was on.
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Here's a link that explains it well:

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I was just checking that link out.
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That was a good read and educational to me ty
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Ahhh, thanks for the link!
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So the money muscle is just that little chunk of meat at the end of a butt ha. Interesting.
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Exactly . That is why they all cook 4 butts at each comp?
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And why you hear about some folks being pretty particular when buying their pork butts (some even have butchers prepare them).
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Here is a question I have been meaning to ask!

Tuffy talked about it quite a bit as well. I looks like they pull most the pork, and then cut slices of the money muscle and include both in their turn-in box.

Looking forward to trying it out
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man, i have found those before and i had no idea what they were but when i did.......everything stops and i enjoy a "moment of luxury". it is findings like those in the culinary world that are unmached by any other experiance!
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