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Heart Attack ABT's

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Has anyone ever batterd and deep fried their ABT's after smoking? I was thinking about this and thought it sounded pretty dang good...I think i'm going to have to try it...
post #2 of 9 have just decreased the life-expectancy of half of the forum members!

I would bet that SOMEONE here has tried it. If not, go for it. You know its gotta be good!
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Several years ago in SoCal, they were served in small restaurants and called Poppers, but then they quit smoking them and then they were just fried.
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I've always loved poppers. When I tried ABT's they are 10 times as good. I don't think I would want to go back to frying, even if they are smoked.
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Nowdays they deep fry everything so this would not be a stretch - As Rich said they used to smoke them now they are just fried - I take a plate of both please
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Now I have had fried poppers but I have never tried to fry them after smoking but that sounds really good and as far as all that heart thing I take pills for that too.
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its pretty tasty ....
i used pancake batter to coat them ..
it was all i had at the time ..
great way to use up any leftover abts ..
if you ever have them ..
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Thats a good idea. ^^^^ I have never had a 'leftover' abt. I cooked double last time and they were still wiped out.
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They are pretty good.. Different in their own way, but my smoked ABT's tend to dissapear before I can get the chance to do anything else with them.
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