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What Store Bought Jerky Mix

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What Store Bought Jerky Mix do you use? I am lookin for a good traditional type mix. I tried the Legg's Terriyaki mix, and didn't care for it. I dry mine on top of my coal stove on a rack. I can do about 1/2 lb every 4 hours.
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The last mix of bear sticks that we made we picked up a hot sticks mix at Gandermountain and it was really good. I dont' remember the name. Also we have used Highmountain Cracked Pepper which is really good as well. but we pretty much double the mix to make it better.
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Ditto on the Hi Mountain and if ya wanna kick it some more add 1/3 tsp cayenne pepper per pound of meat
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I've only used Nesco American Harvest pre-mix with a few different flavors...they're OK, but I made alot with these pepper jerky recipes and we like 'em:

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High Mountain but I add more of the seasoning packet than they recommend.

Note: don't add more cure just more seasonings for stronger more flavorful taste
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Before I started making my own seasoning, I used the "Uncle Bucks" brand seasoning packs that I pick up at Bass Pro Shops. They have a couple different flavors - traditional, hickory and I think maybe teryaki - maybe a couple others. It comes with cure and can be used with either ground meat (think jerky gun) or sliced meat.

I used to use it for venison and goose jerky.

Nowadays I just make my own.
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