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First Mozz 30 min and doneW/PICs

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First batch of Mozzarella...
I may never buy Mozz....again LOL
The book Home Cheese Makeing by Ricki Carroll.
1 gal whole milk...Citric acid from home brew shop as well as the 1/4 tab rennet.....follow the directions.....
thanks for the support Got are the pics.
Heating Milk...

Add citric acid

Add rennet 1/4 tab mix with 1/4 cup unchorinated water...

pulls away and scoop up curd with slotted ladle
or scoop with drain holes

microwave in bowl 1 min out whey

put on food grade glove and knead hot cheese...

knead cheese (work the whey out ) form ball

Finnished ball of great tasting freshst Mozz i have ever had....

money shot?

Thanks for watching...
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Holy Renet Batman, thats some great looking cheese! :) points.gif
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quick - throw it in the smoker. WOW - that really does look good and I bet the taste is the same!
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How cool is that!
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Ok I am now impressed
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That is incredible - I can't wait to try this when I retire next month
One of my favorite things in the whole world is smoked moz and this is going to be one I will try very soon
Thanks for the great post
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That is impressive! Makes me want to give it a shot. I bet it would be excellent smoked as well.

Great job -- thanks for sharing!!

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ok what is renet and how do you get it?
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Awesome! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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If you need a taste-tester, I'm only three hours from Grand Lake!


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The citric acid was $1.25 for 4 oz..and the rennet ( I got the tablets 10) for about $4.00 but you only use 1/4 tablet for a batch so that is for about 40 batches.....Got mine at a Home Brewshop....but you can get supplies at Cheese making supply is easy. good way to start is with Mozz .
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifNow that is too cool. It looks easy too. Now I have to try that one day after I try the 14 other things I say I have to try.
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