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7 3/4 Pork Butt Pulled W/Qview Pay Back

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I have a guy that is helping me move and pack. He is a big black guy that weighs in at 400 and is almost 7' tall I would guess. He is also going to load my truck when I am ready. I call him Bubba.icon_smile.gif

Painted with Yoshidas, garlic and lemon pepper. The rub got packed already.mad.gif

3 cups water and chicken and beef stock in the drip pan for adding to the pulled pork tomorrow.

A nice burn.

Nice and crusty.

He really liked some thighs I gave him last week so I thought I would give him this for a treat.

7 dollars worth of meat can go a long way in showing appreciation.icon_smile.gif

More later and tomorrow after I pull it.

Thanks for looking.
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That is a fine looking pork butt Ron... I love the char you put on it...points.gif

How is the Garlic and Pepper Yoshidas? I think it is my favorite...
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Always nice to see people take care of people who help them out. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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It's really good Paul.
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All done.

Nice color and flavor.

Mmm, juicy and moist.

Lot's of liquid gold ready to defat.

All pulled and chilled. Really moist and tasty and good flavor.
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looking good ron. i will have to try some yoshida's on pork here soon. i have only used it on chicken and beef. great looking pulled pork though
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Ron how do you get or why do you get those distinct lines in your meats ? Is that a trick way to rub or what ? Looks great . Thanks for the Qview
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Ron..... if I were gonna fix a 400 pound man named Bubba a pork butt to eat, I'd make an extra just in case the first one didn't fill him up. Kinda like throwin a hungry bear ONE piece of bologna.


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Excellent lookin piggy there Ron..... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

I'm gonna try an 18 pound pork roast like that....PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Make sure he loads the truck first. He's gonna be licking his fingers.
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The lines come from a combination of the 700' grates and the Yoshidas.
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Ron, stellar job on the pork butt. Yo****as hu? I cook with it allot but never thought to use it on pork butts. I'm going to have to give that a try. Thanks and I hope the pork butts put a smile on Bubba's face and some extra energy in his lifting as he moves you.
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