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Foiling Ribs - Have you ever added...

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Maple Syrup?

With the recent posts about Parkay and the different things people put in the foil with their ribs, I got to thinkin...

At first it was apple juice and that was it.

Now it's a little rub, brown sugar, clove honey, and parkay. The end result of all this for those who haven't tried it, is a thin liquid that has a great aroma. Anyone else who saw it would swear you added a liquid when foiling.

So, since Maple Syrup is similar in consistency to honey, and is all sugar, has anyone tried this or considered it?

I am going to try it this weekend, but I know someone here has had to have given it a whirl
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I'm sure it would work.
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yes, it does work...although I haven't used in a long time. No particular reason, just tend to use apple juice more often than not, have been experimenting more lately though.
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Sound like a good idea you've got there...I just tried the Parkay and brown sugar...added a lot to the ribs I made.!!!

It just got me to thinkin....I almost always add honey ( 1/4 cup honey to 1 cup sauce) to my sauce to give it a nice glaze. Why not maple syrup of some type ???

Bet some of the folks in here have tried a lot of this on their ribs....!!!

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That's what I was thinking.

Like i said, the end result is a thin liquid but the flavor of the honey still exists. So I imagine the syrup would cook down in the same way.

Ill try it this weekend and take some pics
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Haven't tried it on ribs yet, but i did use it in place of the mustard on a pork butt once, made a nice dark bark for sure !!.
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I wonder how it'd do on a brisket in place of mustard?
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I use maple syrup and honey on butts and loins. I apply it before the rub and let em marinate overnight if I have the time. On the last butt I did I added some maple syrup before foiling but I don't think it added anything to the flavor. I'll stick with what I usually do and add the apple juice when foiling.
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I've eyed that bottle of maple syrup a couple times while foiling butts, but never was compelled enough to try it (which is unusual for me). I guess I need to go ahead and try it. I'll bet cane syrup would be good too.
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I did that once and yucked up my ribs. But with practice my next try was really good. I love maple syrup smoked bacon.
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Now I might be one of the last that haven't tried it yet but I will very soon. I have heard alot about specially since it has been on the pitmasters show. I am hearing alot of good things about it thou.
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DO IT, it cant taste bad its syrup!
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Cane syrup is great when making a sauce or for basteing ribs . Use that or molasses instead of honey .
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How about trying some molasses?
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I will try it, but suggest you use real maple syrup, not the pancake stuff. I use real maple on hams (Maple Burbon Ham) and it is great.
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havent tried it but have to agree with john 100%... use the real stuff. mrs butterworths is not...
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I don't foil my ribs, but I might try some Maple Bourbon glaze on ribs soon.

And I gotta agree with the other guys...give the real stuff a try.
It'll be sugaring season here soon!
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BuffaloSmoke - You should maple glaze the ribs and drink the bourbon ha ha

I use maple syrup in the sauce that I make for ribs and use honey to lightly coat the ribs when applying the rub instead of mustard. To each his own, but that is how I do it. I always go for a sweet taste with ribs.

I had a very bad run in with molasses once when making a sauce. I forget exactly what happened, but I was away from the stove top for too long and the molasses burned and left this awful bitter taste. Since then I do not use it with anything. I would love to try to incorporate it back into some recipes though.

I always use apple juice when foiling, more out of habit than anything else. I am ALWAYS up for trying new stuff and experimenting when smoking.
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I have used it. It was good.
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The drinking of the bourbon is a BBQ ritual at my house. Along with the mandatory blues music, and enjoying a pipe while the soothing aroma of hardwood smoke fills the air. biggrin.gif
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