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mini loin roast on new mini reverse flow q-view

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i just finished my new mini reverse flow last night. seasoned her up and made some brats on her. well sorry no qview on that one, but i got some qview on this one tho! i decided to get a half a loin roast goin since it was so late at night...

here's a pic of the smoker...

a pic of the smoker with the loin roast in it...

a pic of the loin roast...

and a pic of the glorious thin blue smoke....

i am using hickory that i cut off my land

more pics to follow...stay tuned!
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What a nifty setup! Is there any chance you give the long and shorts (dimensions) of that rig? I'de like to see what you did w/ the propane in the sfb too. Great little smoker!points.gif
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Looks Great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifNeat Smoker...
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Looks like you did a great job on the build PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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i'm updating my iphone at the moment but as soon as i'm done i will post some of the pics from the build. the cooking chamber is 12" diameter and 20" long, the fire box is 12" diameter and 12" tall. the firebox calculation sheet said it should have been 8" tall with the 12" diameter but since i was going to install a gas burner i wanted to make it taller. the flue size is 2-1/2" ID piece of conveyor roller (pipe) and the burner came out of a blue rhino brand portable gas grill. lowes had it on sale for $19.00 today on clearance and they were out of them so i got the demo for $15.00. the burner is only 10k btu's so it don't get quite hot enough for cooking only with gas but it makes a great log lighter! since i work with gas for a living i may drill out the oriface to squeak a few more btu's outta it.
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i used 2 of those portable air tanks for the build. the one for the firebox i cut 8" out of the middle of it and welded them back together. that paint was real tuff to get off the outside before i painted it. must have been some kind of powder coating or somethin.
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pretty cool build!
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That is a sweet little rig my friend. Damn I wish I was handy like that!! points.gif
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here's some more pics,

a pic showing the size...

a pic before the paint...

a pic of the test fire...

a pic after paint...

a pic of the grate...

a pic of 1 of the air intake dampers...

a pic with it closed...

a pic of the sacrificial gas grill PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif...

a pic of the useful parts...

installed burner...

test firing the burner...biggrin.gif

and once again... the thin blue smoke!
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Now thats one really cool smoker you have built there Mr. Duck. I do like it and it really reallly works too.points.gif
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points.gif for the build.............i think it is very practical for those small smokes!
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Very cool little smoker
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I like! Very nice build!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice build DK1, thanks for sharing the Q-views
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that is a beautiful smoker that you have there ,nice build PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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thanx all for the compliments!
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i'm guessin reverse smoker is the exit pipe is on same side as fire box is....what is the purpose of the exit stack on same side as fire box.........bob

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So the smoke can get out! Seriously though, there is a horizontally mounted convection plate in the cook chamber which is below the cooking grate and runs from the fire box end almost to the opposite end. The smoke and heat travel under this plate, flow upwards at the end and pass back over the meat towards the fire box and out the stack. Makes for a more even heating of the cook chamber in theory.
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Hey Duck, good job on the nice cooker. There are at least two of us in MA, a couple in Maine and PA and some I don't know of who have mini reverse flows. Wouldn't it be cool to have a gathering of folks cooking on just Mini Smokers? We could bill it as The Worlds Smallest Cook-Off!!
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haha! i gotta say so far i cook on that thing more than i do on the other smokers i have!
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