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Ribs 2

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last summer i was out camping and got thist smoke cube from wal-mart, and it did a decent job on ribs. you put 3 pieces of charcoal in each corner.

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Seems to meet all the needs: It smokes, It makes good Q, and you like it!

Sounds like a winner. Warning - this will only get worse for you. Bigger & Better is a bug that never goes away!
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Now that smoking thingy you have there is quite interesting to say the least. I do like the ribs they look yummy and all. Next time you might try a bigger size on your pictures my old eyes have a hard time seeing them.
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They are clickable thumbs - took me a while to figure it out. Pics are much bigger!
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this was done on the same camping trip, deer stew.

By null
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