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Package from Beer-B-Q

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Paul is a great man. I got your package the other day and i have not had a chance to post about it yet. 4 bottles of crystal, 2 baggies of what I think is a homemade rub that smells amazing, BBQ sauce, a chipolte rub, bag of apple chips, bag of hickory chips...I know that I am forgetting something but I can't remember what it is. I feel like I jipped you with everything that you sent. I really appreciate it Paul.
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Sounds like a great exchange. I think that rub is made by a friend of Pauls, Dave I beleive? Correct me if I'm wrong Paul. But it is a very excellent rub.
I got some in an exchange with Paul awhile back and it is some great stuff along with the sauce. Top shelf!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Top for Paul
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Glad it got there okay, I was kinda worried as tight as I packed the box. I had more things I wanted to send but they wouldn't fit in.

The rub is made by the man that makes Daniel's BBQ Sauce, he is the person I bought my Commercial Propane Smoker from...

Jeremy I will get the items you sent me posted shortly, been real busy with my sick pooch the last couple weeks, wish I could claim him as a dependant. LOL
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I can honestly say I know what both of you guys got because I also did an exchange with both of you. And you both make a really good exchange partners and I liked the stuff I got and Jeremy that rub is really good too. And paul that olive oil is so so good on a salad with some olives too.
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