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Ok I am looking to get back into bass fishing when I get back to the US in about 2 years. I am thinking about getting a baitcaster while I am here so I can start practicing, and I was wondering if there were any recommendations for a rod/reel combo. It would also have to be from a company that will ship to FPO/APO address. Max that I am looking to spend is about 100, not including shipping.

Thanks in advance
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Quantum makes an excellent reel for a hundred bucks. They are well made and have a good drag system and lots of ball bearings that make them very smooth. Just an opinion.

Here is one from Bass Pro Shops for around a hundred. You might look around and beat this price somewhere else though. I didn't do any research for prices.

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Give this a try. They have tons of goodies.

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If you have the time...

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