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Not a MOD but a big improvement ECB

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Without going to the great lengths that some have to modify my ECB, besides drilling holes in the charcoal pan, Ive never been able to get the higher heat for chickens and some other preperations.
Yesterday I got the Idea to set my waterpan on the lowergrate instead of on the clips provided. Basically it lifted the waterpan about 3-4 inches from where it was, creating much more airflow and killer temps. I actually got my picnic pork skin extremely crispy which was a first without having to finish in the oven. Still used water in the drip pan. Anyone already figure this out?
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So you only moved the waterpan? What about the charcoal pan? Just trying to understand exactly what you did herePDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Yea, thats it. You know there are two shelves in the ECB and the water pan usually goes underneath the lowest grate, well instead I put the waterpan ON the lowest grate. Of course I lost the use of the second grate. Usually the waterpan only clears the charcoal by 1 or 2 inches and more or less chokes the fire. By placing the waterpan on the grate instead of under it, the extra space allowed for the extra air flow.
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Good dang idea! points.gif
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I've got a charcoal ECB that I use as a grill. I had problems getting the fire to even stay lit in the pan and hadn't read about people drilling holes in the pan. What I ended up doing was putting a pan at the bottom and a grate on top and putting the charcoal on the grate. That way the pan catches the ashes. I also added a middle mount to get the fire in a different spot when using as a grill.

I've never actually smoked anything in it. I need to but I've been spoiled with the electrics.
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I must have an old ECB. My water pan has always sat on the same clips as the lower grate. If there is a lower set of clips, I'm not aware of them. Now I'll have to check. But not until it warms up. These little cheapos are an amazing outfit.
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You can add hang locations wherever you want by just drilling 3 or 4 holes at the height you want and just put some 3 inch or so bolts in from the outside.
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See, thats the thing DONT put the waterpan on the clips. Put the grate FIRST then the waterpan ON the grate. Its really a quick fix for those moments you want a bit more ampage. A picture is worth a thousand words and in that forum im lacking, ill see what I can do, got to get the camera software loaded up.
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Now I gothchaPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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