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Curing or Brining

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The below index is from a site with a pretty detailed article on Curing meat and some on brining. Hopefully this help shed some light on a previous thread.

Note, I wish the author had detailed references, from everything I recently read the below info seems pretty accurate...

Curing Meat

Topics Include:

Brining - Marinating – Sweet Pickle - Salting - Curing –What’s the difference

• Salt Curing
• Curing Temperatures
• Traditional Curing
• How Curing Works?
Nitrate curing

Curing Methods

Topics Include:
Dry Curing

• How Dry Curing Works
• The USDA nitrate/nitrite limits
• Traditional Dry Curing Mixture
• Curing Times
• Curing Smaller Cuts
• Curing Meat for Sausages

Wet Curing Method
• How Wet Curing Works
• Soaking - Draining

• Meat Pumping
• How much and where to pump
• Overhauling
• Spices and Vinegar

Combination Curing (Dry cure with wet cure method)
• Massaging
• Curing at Higher Temperatures

Making Brines

Be professional and use tables and brine testers to make brine.
• The Easiest Way to Make Brine
• The Strength of the Brine
• Brine with Nitrates/Nitrite
• Bad Brome Symptoms
• Reusing Brine
• Adding Sugar
• Which sugar is the best

Curing Tips

Making brine by using floating egg method
• Conclusion

Curing Meats with Nitrates & Nitrites
Curing and Meat Color

(I am not a food safety expert, I am not qualified to tell anyone to keep or throw away a piece of meat. If there are questions about food safety please refer to SMF's Food Safety thread. However I can point you toward information that if carefully read, hopefully you could make the food safety decision yourself.)
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Hey, that's a great link DD....thanksPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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