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My COLTS Superbowl fixins........

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Go Colts!!!

2 boneless twins from costco


10 degrees from coming out of the smokehouse!!!!
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God Bless You
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Did You rub The Breast's first ??? :)
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Tune in Tokyo!!! Yes for good Luck!!!!
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Is there food somewhere in here? I can't seem to scroll past the first pic....
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The ah, ah , ah, EVERYTHING looks Great...icon_mrgreen.gif
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Best breasts I have seen on SMF.

They are so plump and juicy, must have been brined.
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OH MY!!!!!!!!! There goes the little head taking over again. What food??
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Food I didn't see any food?
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Great job with the food and all I can say is :
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That first dish looks quite delish!
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Great presentation!!
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The saints won the battle, but if the colts have that to come home to they definitely won the war.
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Ok, seriously. That pic needs to go. How am i supposed to discreetly watch this forum at work when that pic is what i open up a thread to? Let alone what slipped audibly out of my mouth when i saw those beauties was not work appropriate...Ok, now back to work...with my mind on the colts.
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How the did I miss this.
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