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Wood in the firebox

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I have an ECB and typically, I just throw my flavor wood (Apple, Cherry, or Hickory chunks in various combinations) right on top of the charcoal. Would it be better to throw them in something like a small coffee can? Not a ton of room in the ECB firepit, but maybe that would get the wood smoldering longer?
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I have never used a ecb but when I use chips which is not very often I wrap them in tinfoil and punch some holes in the foil with a toothpick. I have also used a empty tuna or chunk chicken can filled it with chips coverd the top in foil and punch a few holes in the top of the foil.
The chips seem to burn a little longer in the can. That may be a good way for you to go if you have limited space. Hope this helps..icon_smile.gif

P.S. make sure you take the papaer label off the can before using it and if it leaves behind glue remove that as well.
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erik, i have a propane converted ecb which i have grate with lava rock setting above the burner, went and bought me a wood chip box at lowes i think it was $9.00 i pack it with soaked wood chips and small chunks of various kinds of wood it usually last between 2 to 2 1/2 hours. don't know how it would work with charcoal hope this helps.
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