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Package from mballi

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Mark got your package today and Thanks So much. The snack sticks that you sent did not even make it home from work.

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I'm really glad you liked yours cause mine side was really good. We enjoyed the pasta and some of the olives last night. I like the oil too but it's really hard to read all ths stuff. I hope you got everything you wanted and when you need more just give me a pm.
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Nice long distance trade!
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Great exchange you 2,it's great when all parties involved participate.Hows the oil from Italy Mark?and glad Jeremy got his crystal sauce.
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Great Exchange Jeremy...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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nice job guys!!!!!
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thats really nice to see.
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Sounds likw the pantry might need a lock to protect those goodies. Great exchange, hands across the sea.
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Mballi is great!!! Nice package!
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