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Frozen smoked ribs...now what?

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I am sure some of you have had frozen leftover goodies from your smokers...and I definitely know that amazing results from re-animating these offerings can be achieved.

What I would like to know is exactly what, if any, techniques you guys have come up regarding "bringing back to life" our special, wonderful meals?

Waiting for answers..... in my freezer.

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I always use my FoodSaver and vac seal with some sauce or mop. When I am ready to use I normally defrost the product in cold water in my sink rotating every 30 minutes until thawed. Then I heat them with hot water in a pan and serve - love my Foodsaver for this

Love the pic in the post
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I'm sorry, did you say something?
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I saw a hand-held air-sucker-thingie somewhere with speical bags. Anyone know the name of that bad boy?
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Can't wait to see the comments on this!icon_smile.gif
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Hang on there I'm tring to think of what did you want again hahaa. The food saver thingy yea I just defrost them (not those) and then put the meat into a pasta/steamer pot and steam them happy I mean Hot or hard.
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Food Saver has one on their site.


It is rechargeable.

I wouldn't buy the ones at the supermarket. Been there done that, returned it.
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lol yea exactly!!!
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I remember seeing another hand-held that had this smallish adaptor.....that naturally I am going to modify so I can use in on ANY existing ziplock bag. :)
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I think Reynolds and ZipLock both make something like this. Couldn't say how or if they work.
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Ziplock makes one that I use all the time. Works pretty good if you don't mind the work. It's like using an old school bicycle pump.
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Do I need to use bigger font or type slower _ LOL
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That is the one I bought, not worth it batteries do not hold up. At least the Food Saver is rechargable.
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I have one, http://zip-vac.com/
The bags suck, the check valve fails on about half of the bags, no good for marinating cuz sucking moisture through the bags also ruins the check valve. But got it on sale for $10 so no big loss, I still use it and check the bags after about a week in the freezer.
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For me it's simple: Ribs get thawed, and go on the grill. A bit of sauce and you're set.

And now that I'm using the VacUSeal, it's like they were never frozen.
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It's plain old FREEKING cold up here, and there ain't nothing looks good in my freezer!


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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OH MY!!! I have no idea. The wrong head took over.
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Raisin smuggler icon_wink.gif
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