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Pray for Shooters Mom - Page 2

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Add mine as well.
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New here, but prayers are important, mine are going out her way!
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My thoughts and prayers are with her my friend, she'll make it as long as she has support from loved ones.
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Our thoughts & prayers to you & your family!!!
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You will be in our prayers my friend
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Hey brother, request granted. Can't be an easy thing for Mom to kept away from her man...

Stay strong and supportive for them...they'll need that.

Prayers for yourself and family.

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I want to thank all for their kind words and support. Mom is doing well considering the circumstances. It will take some time but she will heal and move on. She was strong enouph to raise me and that was no easy task I assure you. Thanks again.
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Prayers are going up in arkansas, God can and will work in mysterious ways.
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