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Cold smoking on the Traeger

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Has anyone tried the cold smoking option on the Traeger series of smokers. All this talk of bacon has me thinking about buying the add on.
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I've smoked fish on mine, just propped the door open with a small piece of wood until i achieved the temps i was after. Not ideal but it got the job done.

Ha maybe i should have read your entire post... no i have not tried the add on. But somebody on here fashioned up a dryer hose from the exhaust on their traeger to dump into their gas grill and cold smoked that way.
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You'd think there has to be a simple way to manufacture a little extension on the stack and make a little cold smokehouse for doing cheeses and such. If someone has done this, please share it. For cold smoking I just use my Cookshack.
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I don't have one yet, But why couldn't you use an Amazing-Smoker on the drip tray?

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