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Another Brisket On The MES, With QView

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I finally went to a meat place outside of town today. I had thought in the past that they were just one of those bulk meat places that you could get packages from but turns out they're a full butcher shop.

Their briskets are IBP Select grade. I got one that's 10.61 lbs at $2.39/lb for $25.36.

Looking at it in the store I thought it was a flat only because the flat is so big and the point so small. Anyone know it that's characteristic of a better brisket or just happened to be that way with this one? The lady at the counter didn't know, I'll blame that on being in NC and won't let it keep me from going back if the meats are good. She gave me a package of their own breakfast sausage for being a first time customer.

Looking back now I should have known it was a whole packer, just too thick at the end.. I'm definitely learning though. I did a decent job of separating them. I decided I wanted to separate this one to see what kind of difference it made in cooking time.

I injected with a mixture of beef broth, apple juice, and Durkee Sweet & Smoky Rub. I injected a while ago and put the pieces in ziploc bags with the leftover injection. They'll sit in the fridge for about 4 hrs before I put them on. I'm going to use Bone Suckin Rub on the outside and spritz with the leftover liquid every couple hrs.

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About to go on..

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Good luck on the brisket...

What is your plan for cooking it?
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220 with hickory. Flipping and spritzing every 2 hrs.

I didn't have as much leftover liquid as I thought I would so I'll be spritzing with just apple juice.
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The point was at 195 after 8.5 hrs. Very tender and moist inside and out. And not as much char as you get with a longer cook.

The flat is at 185 so I'll take it up to 195 too.
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Everything looks great there Ryan and I like the point are you gonna make some burnt ends??
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The flat hit 195 at 9.5 hrs. The injection with some rub in it gave it a great flavor. And again, with shorter cook time, more moisture and less char.

I'm not making any burnt ends on this one. Since I trimmed the fat way, way down the point is really good as is.

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Nice looks good!!
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Great looking brisket! If it tastes as good as it looks you may have found your self a good butcher. Not to mention a great method of cooking the brisket!

Nice Qview!

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"Lived most of my life in Tulsa, OK and got used to good ribs and brisket. I live in Mooresville, NC now and can't get much besides pulled pork..."

Hey I stay in Mooresville when I travel to NC to work. I have eaten at Lancasters and also had the chef make me some ribs at Jeffreys (dam good I must say) what other options for good BBQ in that area?

Last time I was down there I took a sunday and mapped out a route up to the Blue Ridge pkw and hit a number of BBQ joints along the way. I had hoped to hit a comp down state but ran out of time
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I've read about some pretty good places in Charlotte but haven't been to any of them.

Lancasters is pretty good but not quite the type of bbq I grew up on.
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