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5Lb Northern Tool Sausage Stuffer Gears?

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Does anyone know if they can be interchanged with the steel ones that you can buy from LEM ?
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reading reviews on it someone says you cant replace the gears because the unit is welded together. hmm hope thats not true or i should get the grizzly stuffer then.
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Sorry I can't help I don't have either unit. bumpity bump
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The Grizzly 5# Stuffer will exchange with the LEM but not sure on the Northern... I would get the Grizzly, I bought one and they are extremely well made and cheaper than the others. Only difference is the Nylon gears which from what I have researched seem to last.
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Or just spend the little extra money and get the Gander Mountain 15lb one that I believe is still on sale. Last I looked they were around $135-$150.
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Here is a link to the post someone made. I can't remember what price they were at my local Fargo store.
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man are you kidding lol look at the posts about the gander mountain 15lb stuffer and youll see why i am after this one haha
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I have a Northern 5# Stuffer with nylon gears.... works great, no problems. Not sure what the big deal about having metal gears is yet.... I did say yet...... I keep them lubricated & expect them to last 50+ years at the rate I use them..... BUT!

Here is a great Amazon deal on the LEM Stuffer with extra's.
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i was wondering how you liked the grizzly? have you used it a few times?
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after that episode ive decided to bite the bullet and get the lem 15lb. two stores up by our cabin have them in stock 289.99. more than i wanted to spend, but im pretty sure they make a 3/8" tube for these as im interested in making snack stix. good luck on your search.
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Just picked up this LEM kit(w/metal gears) Fishawn posted for $139 @ FleetFarm. It's $199 at Bass Pro.

Gander "Cancelled" my order on a 15 pounder, so I needed a "Back-Up" plan. Yes, a 15lb would be handier, but this will do for now.

Until now, I've been using My Brother's 5lb. stuffer from Northern, with "Nylon Gears". Yes, it works good, but be VERY careful when you reach the bottom. My Brother already broke a set of gears. I don't think it's the teeth on the gears, but the shaft on the gear that the crank attaches to.


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Ok let us think for a minute. First your stuffer has plastic gears (so does mine) and I have the Gander 5lb model. Ok so why do you need metal gears on a HAND cranked machine do you really think that you are going to crank it sooo fast that the plastic will melt or what???
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lol i have no clue if they would break under normal use ? maybe too much tourqe? i have read the horror stories of them breaking but i will go with the grizzly probably, just checking peoples advice that have one.
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i dont see that link the one he put up was for you can buy it right from lem for 139 too.
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I think he is talking about the LEM stuffer kit, 5# stuffer, home sausage making book,Seasoning variety pack,casings, etc. Lists for $189.00 in the LEM catalog.
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Correct....The kit retails for $189 @ LEM and $155.40 thru Amazon.

We have a local chain of farm stores, Fleet Farm, and they have the kit in-stock for $139.

LEM has the 5lb. grinder alone for $139 on their website.

Gander has the 5lb grinder for $99 less 20% thru the end of the January. About the same as a Grizzly after shipping.

Northern 5lb. $99 + Tax
Gander 5lb. = $79 + Tax
Grizzly 5lb = $84.65 incl. shipping


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I ordered the grizzly 5lber
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I just received the new metal gears from LEM and they work GREAT in the Northern Tools 5 lb. stuffer! The stuffer must be disassembled from the base by taking out two nuts and bolts - easy!

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I have done comerical restaurant equipment repair off and on for years .You are right plastic gears eat upĀ and metal does no as much .But that give is easier on your motor .That high tork start is hard on motor. But what would you rather replace gears or motor.plastic or steel and copper?

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