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I read somewhere here that when the meat is trimmed the fat is saved to mix in when making jerky.

How about the fat that congeals on top of the drip pan after the meat has been cooked, can that be used too?


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What? That's insane. Do NOT believe all you read. Avoid fat in jerky. You read it here? Hmmm...
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The fat can turn rancid, not a good idea.
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Thanks for the response, maybe I misunderstood what it was being used for.

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Dont ever mix fat with the jerky.....The leaner the better in my book and besides it will turn rancid quickly
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I think you mean that when a butt is trimmed of its fat it can be saved to use in making sausage...maybe??
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My bad folks, I was tired last night.

Yes SOB my question was for the sausage forum.

Thanks, Gene
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Ok then now fat with jerky but you do add fat with some sausages. I keep all the fat I trimm off my butts and briskets and any thing I smoke. Then I don't have to buy it and some folks really like their fat too. Now as far as fat from the drippings off some hunks of meat throw it away it is melte fat and is no good to you with sausage making.
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