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taylor 1470 problem???

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Just bought the Taylor 1470 and used it in a piece of sausage just to try it out. I set the temp at 170 (on the gage) and left it smoke. after about an hour the thermo temp read I got a cup of water that I mocrowaved for 2min and put the probe in to see what happened,same thing.thermo temp reading HI. I'm thinking I have a bad unit.anyone else ever have this problem?
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Can't help with that particular thermo but sounds like it isn't reading temps right to me, unless you have it accidentally set on C.
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I have 2 of the Taylor 1470 thermos that I've had pretty good luck with. I did have to replace a probe due to a bad wire (my fault, not Taylors).

Sounds like a bad probe to me although usually it will read LO when there's no probe connected or the probe has a bad connection. If you have had it for a while, I would suggest ordering a new probe. They are pretty reasonably priced. But if you just bought it, I'd contact the seller and see if you can get it exchanged.

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This post has contact info and Taylor will sell your replacement probes if necessary. Give them a call.
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I called the company and they are sending me a new probe at no charge.hope this takes care of the problem. thanks for all your help.
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