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looking for yushidos exchange

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I am from northeast pa if there is something from around here you would like would love to do a exchange realy want to try some of yoshidos that ron p raves about i cant find it here let me know thanks
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When I get mine I will post it and let me know at that time.
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Da Man

You've been contacted by Da Man. Mr. Yoshida only speaks to Ron and he talks to the rest of us.
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You can have my bottle of Yo****das but I'm sure you will find someone to trade with. Ijust don't care for the stuff.
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Be happy to do a trade from CA - if you want something in addition to the Yoshidas from here - Let me know
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OK, I have seen it at Cosco, Sams Club, Vons. If you have a sighting please post it, Kinda like area (HEINZ51)!!!icon_smile.gif
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I live in Rochester, NY & just picked some up last night in BJ's. Do you have a Sam's Club or a BJ's?
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I would be more than happy to exchange some Yoshida's for some rub or a good sauce. We are a tad short on good BBQ rubs and sauces here in the Pacific NW, but I can buy the big Costco bottle of Yoshida's any day of the week... lol.
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Also got mine at our local BJ's. It's a LOT closer than the closest Sam's Club.
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No bjs or cotscos here the local 2 sams clubs don't have it either not a great area for bbq stuff thats why i love this place i got some good recipes here for rubs and sauce we do have a good selection of beers here
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I second that. PM me if you're interested.
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