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Just got off the phone with Masterbuilt and got pretty much the same answers as everyone else. She told me my unit was doing exactly what it was supposed to do and that it was supposed to be more of a steam than a smoke. I asked her why they called it a smoker than and told her if I wanted steamed for I would have bought a crockpot. She said that it was supposed to created blackened chips and not create ash. She also said to empty the chipbox prior to loading new chips. i questioned her as to if that defeated the purpose of having the chip tube and she said that the tube and loader was only to provide the correct amount of chips. Getting a little frustrated here as I do not want a high priced smoker and could have got a WSM for not much more.


Something wrong here. Must be a new employee.


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Bass Pro said they would take it back. Thinking I might take it back and get a propane smoker. Tough decision but it just hasn't worked right the 3 times I used it and I did all the research and even spent time with guys in the chat trying to get a good smoke.

What a shame to take it back.


I would call back and insist in talking to a supervisor first. At least give it a try.

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Well, after a second phone call and little new info I traded it in for a Masterbuilt Propane. I just didn't like the fact that I was being told I had to crank the heat every time I wanted to get some smoke or add chips. The problem does seem to be that if it is at temp the element isn't on therefore it's not heating the chips. Plus, there is a serious combustion issue with the lack of oxygen in the chip tube. The second person I spoke with did say that the newer models chip tray was further from the element which was causing problems.

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I am so glad to find that I am not the only one with this problem.  I just bought my 30" Masterbuilt and have run it twice: once for salmon, another for a pork butt.  In both cases, the wood chips just turned black.  No ashes.  I wrote to Customer Support who suggested heating the unit to 275 dgrees for 30 minuites, loading up my meat, and resetting it to the desired temperature.  I did that for my pork but it didn't help.  The chips remained in a black, charcoal state.  I kept the vent closed hoping for a greater smoke effect, but am not sure now if that was the solution.  The problem seems to be that the unit does not get hot enough.  Inspite of the digital readout.  I think I'll use a regular thermometer to test the unit out.


I appreciate everyone's attempt at trying to get more charcoal burning.  That seems to be my problem.  After, almost 12 hours of "smoking" I thought my pork would be tender enough to "pull pork", but no.  The texture of the meat was the same as the butt from my regular electric oven in the kitchen!  I had to use a knife to cut off the bone.  You'd expect the meat to fall off the bone after 12 hours.  My hypothesis is: the unit does not get hot enough. 

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My 30" MES is chugging along right now keeping a good Mesquite TBS on a brisket and maintaining temps that are perfectly acceptable (+/- 5* of target temp).


With pulled pork you need to make sure that you take its IT up to 205* regardless if it's a butt or a picnic or a whole shoulder.  It can take 12 hours or it can take 16+ hours -- the temp is what you go by.

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Thanks Mythmaster!  I was looking for advice like yours when I joined this forum!!!  My first pork butt did not turn out as expected.  I had the temperature set too low (165 degrees).  I had it in the Masterbuilt Smoker for 12 hours, but at such a low temp the meat never turned out as tender, bone falling off as it should.  The texture of the butt I got could have come out of my oven at 325 for 3,4 hours.   The temp is the clue...Thanks! 

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You're quite welcome, jykmoy, but all of my knowledge about this has come from experienced smokers here at SMF.  They are the ones that you should thank -- not me.


Best of luck for you in the future!



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