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I do buy a few spices at Sam's Club, and Tones has worked for me over the last 5 years. Satisfied customer.
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I buy at the Whole Foods Eporium, its a bulk spice store in our town. Much fresher than tones and the stuff in those tiny little bottles.

I have never understood why people pay $5.00 for a tiny bottle of spice when for the same price they can get 20 times as much fresher spice from the bulk store.

If you need a small bit you can just buy the amount that you want and re bottle it.
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I've used Tones for many years; if you look on my 'The Arsenal' picture below you can see them lined up on top of my stove. I also buy spices, mixes and blends from Butcher Packer; just ordered a bunch coming in this week.
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I use them alot, never any problems with freshness but as buzz and dude mentioned a plant is right in our neck of the woods. I worked in auto parts in high school, the closest store to the old plant, some days them guys would come in and you could smell them from 30 feet at least. Its known locally as a good employer and is usually a lifelong job for the lucky people that get on there.
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Works for me...

I also buy Tones spices. I think they work well. Price isn't so bad either

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Tones is good other than their onion powder, its very bland and really a powdery texture i use Badia onion powder its really good and a good price at wally world.
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I am in agreement I use Tones all the time. We use them for our comps also.
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Indeed, I use Tones for most things. But since they don't sell fennel, cumin, or coriander, I order those from the spice house by the pound, and keep them in airtight containers under the counter. I like their chili powder when I'm too lazy to make my own.

If you've got a GFS near you, they have a very good selection of spices, and they're good quality too. I buy my paprika and several other things from them since they seem to have fresher stuff.

A side note, hooray for spring.
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GFS? Is that a Good Food Store? Nothing like that around here, but I do have a pretty good locally owned natural food store with a heck of a bulk spice area. I think I'll save some Tones containers and refill from there on those odd items. I'll second your motion on Spring, although it snowed here again today.
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GFS is Gordon's Food Service, they're like a restaurant supply chain, but they sell to anyone who walks in, no membership or anything.
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We buy all of our spices from Sams club. Its way cheaper then buying all of those expensive small containers at the grocery store.
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