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Blazing Fire with Charcoal Chimney - normal?

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Hey Guys,

I just used a charcoal chimney for the first time with my Tritip yesterday, and the coals were BLAZING fire the entire time. I thought it was supposed to be a steady burn through the coals.

I just used two pieces of newspaper, set it on my charcoal grate, and let it go.

The fire never really stopped blazing and all my coals got ashy REALLY fast, and I just dumped the coals into my Weber while the blazing fire was still going.

Is there supposed to be that much fire from the coals? Did I do something wrong?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Two thoughts come to mind. 1)They weren't matchlight charcoals were they. The kind impregnated with lighter fluid. I can see them torching like this if used in a chimney. 2) How windy was it where you had the chimney. If the wind was strong enough, you might get such a forge effect. But no, they shouldn't blaze like you describe.
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Nah, it's just the regular Kingsford charcoal. Not matchlight, no lighter fluid. Not too windy either. I did put it on the charcoal grate with the vents wide open on the bottom...
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i get that at first when the briqs are in the chimney - i think the compact pile of briqs kind of mankes its own wind etc. when it get going, it really gets going.

it settles down when i put them in the charcoal basket.
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that's normal until they ash over completely(all the way through top to bottom). your ok.

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Doesn't sound like anything out of the normal, like others have said it was probably just the regular burn/fire that you are going to get used to.
When it is really cold out I have found that huddling around the chimney is a good way to keep warm.
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I've had mine looking like the afterburner on an F-16 before.....needless to say, the coals were ready.
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