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1st fattie question on possible filling?

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So excited for my second smoke as the first one was so good. This time with Jeffs Naked Rub.

I have been very intrigued by these so called fatties". The family is for sweet more then spicy so I want to try an italian sweet sausage one. My question is fillings? I was thinking some onions, mozzerela shredded cheese, variety of sweet bell peppers, olives. Would this work? Could I add Ragu type spagetti sauce?

Ribs just got put on at 6 hours and 225 degrees. Think I will put a fattie on with 3 hours left when I go to foil.
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Your fatty filling sounds like a real winner. I'd go with it, and take some pics of it for sure when making and when its done.

Remember, fatties are only limited to your imagination. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thank you Meat Hunterpoints.gif
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Thats the thing about a fattie is you can stuff it anything you can think of. Yours sounds really good to. I have made probally 6-8 differant kinds from the standard and probally the made the most is the breakfast one all the way to the mostly requisted so far is the baked potatoe fattie. It has potatoe, cheddar & blue cheeses, green onions, bacon(real) its, green & red peppers, jalapenos and then after it was sliced I put on some sour cream. So the world is yours on the fattie stuffing.
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This has gotta to be the best forum and filled with the most helpful folks I have ever joined. THANKS AGAIN!

Off to get my peppers.
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Sounds like a great and tasty fattie is about to be born PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I would simmer the sauce down to evaporate some of the water in it otherwise it will combine with the cheese and make things runny. Or make your own.
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This is excellent advice - if that sauce is too thin when combined with the cheese is could cause a steam blow out - sure sounds good can't wait to see the finished product
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Maybe venting the top, similar to baking a pie. You could make a funnel out of foil and place it through the top. It should prevent ( no pun intended ) a blow out.
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What Meat Hunter said.
Sounds like a good combination!
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