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I hope not...

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I grilled some fresh $$$ steaks on my kettle. The meat turned out Med. rare....but Orange and white inside. not reddish pink like usual. has anyone else bought a new grill - surface to replace an old rusted one and not season it? Please tell me that's what caused the miscoloring of the meat. If I grow some extra toes, I'll let ya'll know. aoifjpoaiemfoaivnpqaoiejfqo;imvaijo;eilmvoaihre[guhjfioa;wjvk
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I've never heard of such a reaction in the meat from an unseasoned part or from anything else for that matter.
Orange and white...that would have me curious as to why as well.
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Please send qview of the extra toes. Never heard of such a thing.
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Hmmm...that is strange. Not any nuclear reactors there in Mempis are there?!
did you take any qview pics?
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Did the meat "VOLUNTEER" for something????????
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They were going for the new head coaching job at UT. I didn't take any pics. Strange indeed. I feel fine today, so far anyway!
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I've never seen meat turn those colors. very strange indeed
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It was Lane Kiffin's fault.
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Was it Pork?
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Oh,my God..............................

You got some of that mystery meat from Russia.Comrade!ROFLMAOPDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
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