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to water or not to water

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I'm smoking some atlantic salmon today I have used a dry rub now should I use water in the smoker or no
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I always use a water pan when smoking my salmon or any fish. Actually just about everything I smoke I try and use a water pan.
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Do you have any temp issues with or without liquid?
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I have never had any temp issues when I use water but then again I am using a propane rig so if it is too cold I just turn the gas up. I also always pour in boiling water so it is hot right off the start. I just finished my UDS and I was going to experiment with a small water pan in that so I will see if it makes a difference in holding temp or not.
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I always put water in the water pan in my smoker but I'm a gasser with a smoke vault 24". Now as far as a rub on salmon I don't personally don't rub any fish I want the fish to speak out for itself. But thats my couple of pennies.
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I always use apple juice instead of water. Have smoked salmon several times & turned out delicious!!!!
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I always use water in both my electric smoker and my charcoal smoker.
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I use a GOSM and if the water pan is emty or low, my temps drop. As soon as I add water, they rise and hold steady. So from that observation, I always use water, regardless of what I'm smoking.
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