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Bacon Idea

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Just got an idea last night:
If anyone has ever done this, let me know how you did it & how it came out.
Those who didn't do it already could let us know your thoughts on it.

Maybe it's an old idea, but I haven't read any threads on it.

What would happen if we injected Maple Syrup or Honey into a belly before smoking?

Maybe after the curing process, but before smoking.
Maybe before curing to get it distributed through the meat. (inject Honey or Maple Syrup---then coat the outside with the cure mixture).
How much to use? One ounce per pound? Half ounce per pound?

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I do a lot of honey and maple cure bacon and hams. I do it with the cure. But you can do it prior to curing, you should not do it after the curing.

I use once per five pounds. Higher then that are you get a lot of sugar burning while cooking the bacon or ham slab.
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Curious.... why not after the cure?
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Thanks bbally,
What I'm really looking for is anyone who ever injected only the Maple Syrup into the raw belly.
When I smoked a belly, I put an ounce or two into some of the packages along with the cure, brownsugar, garlic powder, and onion powder. It was all great bacon, but I couldn't tell the difference from the ones that had the Maple Syrup & the ones that didn't.
I don't want it on the outside, because I don't want it burning when I fry it, and I'd rather not have it all sticky with Maple Syrup on the outside.
I'm just thinking if I inject some into a couple pieces, and then do all of my other cure & seasoning on the outside of each piece, I might get some mild Maple flavor added.

Anyone ever do this?

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