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looking for advice

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look for advice on doing a eye of round have about a 3 1/2# one i like to smoke but have just got my smoker and trying toget some good advice on time and time for it on my propain smoker
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sounds like a good candidate for some medium rare thinly sliced roast beef.

Stop into the "roll call" room and tell us a bit about yourself, your equipment and level of experience. Lots of folks here always willing to help.
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Welcome to SMF for that cut personally I would just rub with some EVOO then apply some salt, pepper, garlic and put into the smoker running at about 225. I would smoke it to an internal temp of 140 degrees then pull it off and wrap it in aluminum foil and then wrap that with an old towel then I would put that all in a warm dry cooler to rest for about an hour. When the hour was up I'd take it out and slice it fairly thin and serve with some mashed taters and gravy. I'd take the leftover and put it in the fridge till it got cold then I'd put it on my slicer and slice it nice and thin for sandwiches. Yikes what size did you say that thing was you may need to get another one biggrin.gif
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thanks for help

thanks for the help roughly how long u think it take to get it up to the 140 time wise. just so i can plain a little lol
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Go ahead and invest in a instant read thermostat ... time will vary due to the temp . Be sure to get it to USDA stanards .
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Hey Jetwrench, here are a few links to ones I did in the past

Shouldn't take more than a couple of hours to reach 140, don't remember exactly how long mine took but I know it was a rather short smoke.
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I'm with Jerry (pineywoods) on this one cause he knows what he's talking about and it sounds like a really good dinner to me and then you will have some really good sandwich meat to boot. I do it all the time. Now for time you are probally looking at about 45 mins to a 1 hr a pound to smoke it but that is only a guess cause we smoke by temp not time here.
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