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Chicken Thighs..To Debone, or Not to Debone

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I want to try the evil Myron Mixon's cupcake chicken. Do I debone the chicken? Does competition chicken have bone in?

All boneless at the store here is also skinless, and i want the skin on there.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Experimentation is the way to go... I would try it and then let us know how it worked...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Good question!!!!!! That is one thing I wish they would do on that show is give a little more info like if they are boneless or not. I do not expect them to give away there recipies but a little info would not hurt......

Wish I could help you..............
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I think the chicken was bone in but I'm not completely sure of that. I saw that cupcake thingy and thought self why would you do that?? But give it a shot and then get back with us.
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didn't see he show but i would think boneless....alex had some nice lookin chix thighs he posted here a little while ago.
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The team i was part of last year won a chicken comp using bone-in and trimmed young(organic) chicken thighs.....Line up the thighs and remove skin and scrape the fat off skin.Then trim the edges parallel to bone straight and uniform sizes.Season and stretch skin over and under thigh.....Not gonna say how they were cooked,but no muffin pan...Check out the pickled pig website...

Lots of folk de-bone in comps...Myron for instance...

De-boning some for tonites dinner at moment...
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Funny how we all talk about what a jerk he is, yet I've seen several members now talking about making Myron's Muffin Chicken. LOL

I don't know about the bone-in or not, but I remember the show where Paul tried to steal his idea and his muffin cups weren't big enough to hold them. Just something to consider.
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I'm tryin bone in.

I've trimmed them up nicely (taking pics, will post it all).

Got the correct sized pans from Mrs. Thunderdome

Today is my first run on my UDS...I'm doin injected Chicken Thighs, a Chuckie, and a rack of babybacks.

My camera is fully charged for todays cooking. Will take pics during the commercials on the Cardinals game.
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wouldn't the muffin pan keep the chicken from absorbing as much smoke?
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