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My first turkey tale Q view

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On a day my friend stood for the door
You must see now he said
What I have won.
We went to its car trunk and opened that
There was an enormous bag, and in it a frozen turkey
He asked can you prepare him.
I said on one condition and this is that our both families will eat him
I had never prepared a turkey, but it was a challenge for me
He left behind the turkey and then it came
It was one of 17 pounds (7, 7 kg) I became of it a smattering frightened
I had 4 and a half day
I looked on the Internet, and everywhere they write take no turkey larger than 12 pounds (5, 44 kg)
Became still more frightened, and left sleep.
After 3 days thaw out in frig, and after many searches, I made brine

Brined for 30 hours
Obtained turkey from the brine and rinsed him good, swept him dry
Then made a rub, oil the turkey and put on the rub
Started to smoke on midnight

Made the fire

The enormous bird

After 4 hours, I oiled the turkey

After 8 hours, I oiled again .After 12 hours, I oiled a last time

Have prepared a tarragon sauce
We have eat of it with 7 adults and 2 children
And we ate the next day the leftovers
I think that you can count a pound by person

My first turkey experience has been a learning school
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Its a good looking turkey!! Fear not the size of the turkey, if you can cook it in an oven you can cook it in a smoker.

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looks good must of tasted good when ya ate a # of it wowPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Was that a poem??
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great lookin turkey....if i get a turkey bigger than 13-14 lbs i will spatchcock it and it would be ok...cook a little faster to...but great job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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a poem of BBQ, without even trying. LOL
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Nice looking brid. I bet it was good eating. A great way to get together with friends also.
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That looks great Geert.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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thank you all

as I have already said
My first turkey experience has been a learning school
so you see,if you go for it
you can reach much
Never let the courage fall

I enjoy it
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Got to love those Dutchmen!!! Great looking bird...and yes it did sound like a nice poem....!

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Very nice bird there Geert you did a fabulous job and should be really proud that you did to. Now the reason you hear about not smoking a gaint bird is the 40 to 140 law we all live by. It is really hard to get that big of a bird up to 140 in that time limit. There's where the spatchcock birds come from to.
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Nothing like the big birds for a big group my friend....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks like it turned out just great. Congrats!!!
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Very impressive for a first try, Geert! Beautifully done, and congratulations for not letting yourself get overwhelmed...that was a big bird. I'm sure everybody loved it, and you'll be getting more "drop-offs" in the future icon_mrgreen.gif

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I'm here to help!

I could take some of that bier off your hands. That way you could fit more turkeys in there.
Great smoke, congratulations.
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