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Maybe a dumb question maybe not.......Can you cold smoke salmon caught in Lake Michigan which are considered "fresh water" and would it be safe even if using cure?  I know you cant or at least shouldn't eat any fresh water fish raw for sushi, so I wasn't sure if cold smoking or curing would be any different. I have had hot smoked fresh water salmon which is great, but never heard or seen fresh water lox??

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I don't know why not...   Follow this recipe to a "T" and you should be good to go....   I've used this recipe and it is very good.....

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The other thing I do when I make lox is to freeze it after it's made for 30 days at -10 degrees.

This will kill any parasites in the fish that the cure won't.

It's probably overkill, but I do it anyway.



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My lox would never make it to the freezer before it's all gone. 

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Love the instructions! Saved in my "Smoker Recipes" file. Just sad the pics are not coming thru! Gonna have to try this!

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