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My first smoke ever!

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I thought chicken would be the easiest to do for a newbie. And I guess I did ok because, one was devoured and the other made fine enchiladas the next night.

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The biggest test is the people you are cooking for and if they liked it you did well - congratulations on a successful first smoke
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Looks good.

Chicken parts are usually a little easier, but I prefer smoking whole chickens.

Another real easy thing to try is sausage. I usually toss some store bought sausage on the smoker everytime I crank it up. Only takes a couple hours.
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Man thats some nice looking chicken. Did you brine them first?

Great Qview for a first smoke. points.gif

PS Notice all the extra room on the smoker for fatties, ABT's, Ribs etc. Hee hee thats how it starts....hee hee

Forever will you be seduced by the Dark side......
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Looks Nice...
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You did a killer job on your first smoke. The birds looks very nice the color is good too. So what knid of wood did you use and how high a temp did you smoke it at and what temp was it when you pulled it.???? Is that enough questions for you cause I can go on. no but everything came out great and like you said it was devoured by your friends. So you have to get some points.giffor the frist of many I'm sure so great job and keep on smoking
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Those look pretty good. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Yea, thats alot of ?, but easy to handle. I use oak to feed and a couple of nice hickory logs. Had trouble with holding temp, but probably average about 200. And pulled it at 170.
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Good job! I also recommend pork shoulder for a "can't lose" smoke. Very hard to mess up and the end results are fabulous!
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Yes I did brine the as the tutorial suggested, And I have already figured out not to waste the space in the smoker. Make your time and efforts count
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nice looking bird!!!!
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That Looks Nice! But...

I like the looks of that. I can taste it just from looking at it but...
I don't see any snow or ice around the smoker. What's up with that?

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Good look'in yard bird!
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Looks like fine eatin ta me!
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congrats its a great hobby to have enjoy
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Nice smoke.

Your right up the road from me... Im in Joplin.
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Great job. Can't go wrong with chickens.
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Nice looking birds. I didn't see a reply to the brine question. If you didn't you might give it a try, really adds a lot. I use the turkey brine on Jeff's website for most poultry. Great stuff.

Glad you had great results.
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