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Do you wet your chips, if so do them dry and I'd try to seal around the door better.
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Yup, I did wet my chips. I'll run a batch through dry and see how they do.
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I am really wanting to do a build but I worry about fumes from the plywood
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I like the plywood smokers here, but I'm also concerned about the fumes. In addition, plywood doesn't stand up to the weather very well and I want something that will both be attractive and last a long time. I've got an idea to someday make an insulated smokehouse. The inside would be concrete backer board and the outside would be corrugated aluminum panels.
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plywood smooker

I made a plywood smoker out of 3/4 ply last year. It is about 2x2 1/2 feet square and about 5 1/2 feet tall. The bottom I made a storage area so my smoke chamber is about 4 1/2 feet tall. I made the door a little less than 2 feet. A word of advice. Make the door as wide as possible to allow your rack to easily slide in. I have used both a 1 lb lp stove and a deep fryer burner as well. I have no problem with getting temp up or maintaining temp even in Minnesota. I use the chamber divider as my catch pan. I cove it with aluminum foil and when it coils everything solidifies on the foil and comes right out.
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I have a question about building smokers out of plywood. Once you build it, season it, and begin useing it-- Are you worried about the adhesive that was used to make the plywood leaching out? (On another website I had read an article about smoke house building materials and this was mentioned along with some other woods not to use) I have been seeing more and more smoke houses built out of plywood so I am just wondering if this is an undo concern?
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I like the building., I am looking around for plans to make a wooden one. I really want to do one similar to yours. Can you tell what your dimensions are? Thanks.



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