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time and temp ?

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any suggestions for how long? and What temp?

am smokin, 3 cornish game hens in a electric smoker.

3rd smoke ever, not so sure...

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I would keep the smoker at about 375-300 maybe alittle higher and take the birds to 165-170 in the breast. I wouldn't think that they would take longer then a hour and a half maybe longer but they are pretty small. Cause we here really cook be temp not by time.
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Haven't smoked any of those yet but from what I recall reading elsewhere on this forum smoke at 250* and plan on approximately 2 hours.
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Here is another handy table to reference.

Best advice is to track what you do smoke for temps and times as this seems to be one of the toughest questions posed here on the forum.
Give yourself plenty of time as you can keep your hens warm by wrapping and placing in a cooler for quite a while.

Still learn'en with ya!

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As with all poultry the higher temp range 275-325 is safest. Cook to an internal temp of 165-170. Maybe a little bacon wrap will help keep em moist.
Good Luck
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great thank you... Just trying to time properly for dinner..
I appreciate all of you on this forum....
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they will cook a little faster if you spatchcock them........
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My smoker would only go up to 275 degrees.
I played it conservative.
The process took 2 hrs. and 50 min. I pulled it out at 178 degrees.

I smoked it for 2 hrs. at 225, it was then at 170 degrees. I bumped it up to 250 for 25 minutes, and it took it up to 175,,,I then bumped it up some more to 275,,,,and finally gave up,,kids where getting hungry.
It was 0 degrees outside !!biggrin.gif
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Thanks a lot this should help me!
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