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Wow, magnificent!
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That is awesome. Sounds like a well thought out and executed plan.

points.giffor the effort.

Any thought of putting a roof on it?
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Wow what a great rig...I like how U are doing it...not to many people can say they built their rig that they use for comps or catering...points.gif
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Looks like you got it all there. Nice job, what a rig!
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Are you going to be at the Frisco or loveland contests this year?
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Depends on the dates, what can you tell me about those events?
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Beautiful Smoker...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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That is awesome although I seemed to miss where the drink holders where icon_rolleyes.gif
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You have some serious skills there. That project is bigger than I would ever try. Well done.
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Very nice trailer!! Looks like you thought of everything there!!!! Plenty of storage and lots of room!
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man that is one nice smok'n cook'n rig smoke up some critters !
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Both are KCBS sanctioned events.

The Frisco site is here:

The Loveland one is here:
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That's a build to be proud of! Very nice tour.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks I am fitting them into my schedule.
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Thats an awesome rig!!
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That looks awesome. I want one of those. Sweeeettttt!!!!!
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Well done job with tremendous detail.

Question: without the Harleys on the back, how heavy is the tongue weight? It looks from the pictures that the cooker is forward of the axles which I would think could produce some serious tongue load.
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