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Help with cutting

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I got rump roast today 1.99lbs what would be a good way to cut it every where i read Google search and stuff people contradict each other some people say cutting with grain is the only way and others say cutting agents is the only way?! what do u guys do with your rump roast to make it into jerky cut style...
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for Jerky I always cut with the grain, as do most people
if you cut against the grain it sometimes has a tendency to fall apart
but it does make it a little easier to chew. I happen to like mine when ya have to chew it a bit.
so I guess its a mater of prefference.
do some both ways and see which you like the best
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I'm not a jerky expert, but I've always cut mine with the grain. It seems that if you cut it across the grain, it crumbles a lot easier when it is older/drier, and I just didn't like the texture - felt kinda grainy. I like jerky that you have to really chew and soak up. You get that with the grain. That's what I would consider, as you found - there is no right or wrong way.

Yet another piece of advice!
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With the grain for jerky, against the grain when roasting and slicing for dinner.
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With the grain for jerky, against the grain when slicing roasts and such.
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What they all have said with the grain for jerky cause you want alittle pull to it. and then against the grain for serving for the tenderness for dinner eating.
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great advice right here PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Just a thought to remember - whenever I make jerky I have the meat guy at my grocery store cut it - I just tell him it's for jerky and how thick I want it sliced and it's no extra charge.
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thanks for the adice.. i liek cutting it myself dor some reason and my cutting board makes it simple... thanks for all the gread advice..
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getting the grocery store to slice it for you saves you a lot of cleanup time, plus their professional slicer does a lot better job than my home model meat slicer.

Top Round across the grain, always across the grain. Cuts the stringy stuff into small bits. With the grain, you end up spittin' out the stuff you can't chew.

Just my .02.
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