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Great report from the front lines!! PDT_Armataz_01_42.gif You are quite the Q- Journalist!

Why do I get the feeling that Masterbuilt makes different model numbers of the exact same units for particular companies and outlets? Even in their on-line literature, it seems they have the same product with different model numbers. I may be mistaken, but a call to Masterbuilt may confirm this. Kara, their representative, seems very knowledgeable in regards to all things Masterbuilt.

Just sayin....

...and the local Bass Pro Shops pulled all of the MES smokers off the floor in anticipation of a "sale", and I accordingly put my name on a 30" 20070110 for pickup whenever they release this unit on it's own recognizance. ;) I know these model numbers better than my client's phone numbers. (That is scary I tell ya'!)
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mes at sams

sams clubs will let you have a free one day trial membership.
All you have to do is go to the membership desk and ask.
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Could be that a lot of stores will only price match on the EXACT same model #. With a different model # for each chain, they do not have to price match.icon_mrgreen.gif
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I'm not a retail man, nor a marketer. But my thought was exactly what aeroforce suggested. Different model numbers alleviates other retailers from having to deal with the "price match" issue.

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Eman, thanks for the tip, I had no idea Sam's Club would do a one day freebie membership. I might of done that had I known. Truth be told, even though we shop alot at Costco because it's close by, I thought the Masterbuilt was a great excuse icon_wink.gif for the wife, so we could join Sam's Club too!! I'm not sure what it is about those darn Astrodome size warehouse stores, but I sure have fun "browsing".

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Ever try to pricematch matresses? The ultimate sneakiness!! Same matress, different store....different "model name". Da bastits! icon_mad.gif
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I bought a MES last July from Sam's and I was very impressed... But, I am still learning how to get the full use of it...
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Costco rocks.....between the Parmigianna Reggiano and the real Vermont Maple Syrup to the incredible canned salmon (by their own Kirkland signature brand)...they have great stuff! points.gif
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I did that once. Almost impossible. I ended up calling the factories and inquiring about duplicate models with different names. In the end, no satisfaction on the matresses!!icon_rolleyes.gif
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And, all the food samples on weekends. I go in right before lunch, and time I leave, I'm stuffed!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Sooo, is there much difference between Sam's and Costco??

Inquiring minds want to know!PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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YES, there is!!!!! In my area Sams with out a doubt has waaayyyy better prices on exactly the same items. And again YES, I have checked them both.....

PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif for Sams Club!!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif for Costco!!!!
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In my area, prices between the two are very competitive.

I like them both, they're simply different. For example, I just bought the MES 40 at Sams Club - didn't have it at Costco. However, I buy some of the freshest, best tasting Salmon available round here at Costco. Costco is totally vertically integrated on the supply of their Salmon, so the quality is consistent and high, and the price is excellent.

I'm not a huge fan of Sam's Club meat. Costco consistently provides high value in the meat department. Their beef steaks - ribeyes for example - are marked "Choice". But IMHO, Costco "Choice" ribeyes are as good or better (most excellent marbeling) than "Prime" beef steaks I can buy elsewhere. The price is much better at Costco on these steaks too.

Pork Butts, another area where Costco provides an excellent product for an excellent price.

Sam's Club often has other and different products than Costco - I remember a few years back buying some very nice white gold c-channel earings lined with baquette diamonds (for my wife) at Sam's Club - price was very good - maybe $800 or so - and quality very good. There was nothing even remotely similar at Costco. Same on watches - very good selection of higher end watches at Sam's Club - Costco has high end watches, just many fewer than I find at Sam's Club.

I like both, and I'm glad I'm a member (again) at both. Of course, this is all IMHO, and YMMV. icon_wink.gif

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BTW Oneshot, very cool looking Traeger in your signature. I've always looked enviously on those auto pellet feed smokers.

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FYI those wanting one of these but not in your local sams...

Just checked sams online today and noticed that its listed there....good news in a couple ways...

1) SAMS will now order it in since it's online.*
2) Cabelas will price match online advertised price if I don't want to wait.*

*These were my local stores so YMMV.
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Can you get a 3 year warrantee at Cabelas? I wouldn't buy one without it.
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Don't think so and I agree. For the money the warranty is worth the wait.
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The bride called and she was in St. Cloud MN at Sam's and picked me up a MES and the extended warranty icon_mrgreen.gif.Now because she has a commercial Sam's account they gave her a 3 year warranty for $39.00 plus another 2 years for free icon_mrgreen.gif.one catch I have to do all the cooking from now on icon_neutral.gif, the things a guy won't say to get a new smoker.I always say cooking is way to important to leave up to someone else.
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Congrats Bill, enjoy your new toy.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I realize this is a very old thread - but I just picked up my MES40.
The model # clearly stares 20070710 - but the body is all stainless, which as per the list here it shouldn't be.
It's the 1200W model with the new chip tray - very confusing...
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