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Seems as though the site filter kicked that pic out try this ...
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What a rotten thing to do. Thanks for the post Joe, I hope they catch who did this.
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They will catch them sons of riches!!!
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Cool, thanks!
Hope they catch em, but better yet I hope you get your equipment back!

Ill keep an eye out for one in south central Ks.

Seems like Im hearing more and more stories of things like this. A sign of the times I guess with so many people out of work, but that still dont make it anywhere close to right.

Just when you think Humanity has hit rock bottom... the digging resumes.
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A year or so ago we had a local ATV/lawn mower dealer get hit in broad daylight, just after hours. Survelliance footage showed 4 men pull up (tags covered) and load 40K+ of equipment into an enclosed trailer and drive off. Busy street with people around...they just looked the part. They never did catch them.
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check the competiton while your at it...

scrapped and used for parts --saves a lot of money...
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I have been looking on Craigslist for a concession trailer and have been amazed at the folks that dont have a titled trailer .... "it didn't come with one" or "it's lost" ... I guess people fall for this. I am glad Jeff allowed you to put the word out here ... shows that people can work together. Tell the Okie good luck, and I'll keep an eye out on the east coast in my searches.
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I'll keep an eye out over here in NW Arkansas!! Hope you find it soon.
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check this site out www.flag2flag.com it is a racing site and it is kinda on the down low. only dirt racers and such know about it. being it is low key maby you'll find it there. Look in "enclosed tag" trailers
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Thanks everyone for the kind words and helping to watch for the trailer and parts. It isn't mine, but I am helping to watch for it too and helping to get the word out.

And again - Thanks to Jeff for allowing the thread to be posted here.
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bumpity bump
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Thanks for the bump! I've been traveling and not in front of the computer. Damn, I had no idea...

Well, my thought would be that with THIS forum, as well as many others, the word should really get out there. I know we all hear about a lot of theft crimes that go unsolved, but there are probably twice as many that DO get solved. I hope with the advantage of technolgy on our side, the theives get caught!
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I can relate to loseing equipment, and it SUCKS big time. I had my smoker from hell swiped right out of my back yard a number of years ago, went to the lake for long weekend and when we came home it was gone. We have had several trailers stolen from work. The last 1 stolen was found on Ebay, so be sure to check that out for your equipment. The guy selling it on ebay was not the guy that stole it he just bought it cheap and was reselling it, but it lead us to who did steal it.
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This kind of thing really p*sses me off.

I hope that they catch them and that they get the hard hand of justice right across the face.

I'll keep an eye out here in Topeka for a listing that matches theirs. Unfortunately, the smoker will probably end up at a recycler so they can collect their $100 and buy more crack/cocaine.
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This thread has been made a sticky thread so that it will remain near the top of the index page.

I had an old ECB stolen out of my backyard years ago and lucky for me I have a friend on the police force and he also loved my que. He spotted my ECB being hauled down the street in a kids wagon. He brought my smoker back to me before I even had a chance to make a theft report.

I really hope that Tim and his team gets their equipment back.
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The sticky was a great move Dutch, let's hope he gets it back.
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Man I was hoping that these items would be found by now. Man I feel bad for you guys! Best of luck to you guys in finding your equipment.
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Thought it was time for a bump.
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I've been watchin our local Craigslist. Found a 30 thousand dollar tractor on craigslist up in Louisville that had been stolen . Hope you get it back.
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