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Snack sticks w/ Q-Vue

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I picked up a snack stick kit from Cabelas the other weekend and have to say I am very impressed with the seasonings of their sticks. They are spicy without being hot (if that makes any sense to you guys)

I have a 5# stuffer from Cabelas that would work awesome for stuffing small 21mm casings... but the effort trying to press it through the tube is a royal PIA. Instead I use their jerky pistol. All I need to do is find a longer snout for longer pieces of meat sticks.

Just an FYI. COX brand caulking guns that use sausage packs or bulk caulking have the same snout rings and I believe they have stainless tips used for caulking behind machinery. Stay tuned, when I find the source for extended tips I will post up my findings and source.

Anyhow. Enjoy.

These were started @ 100 degrees for an hour with no smoke.
3 hours heavy hickory smoke @ 120
1 hour heavy APPLE smoke @ 120
Finished to internal temp of 155 with heavy apple.

I start with Hickory and end with apple for 2 reasons (this is just my opinion) The apple seems to make the smoked meat a deeper red and looks better, and the second reason is the apple IMHO gives it a little sweeter smoke taste.

Thanks for looking
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Nice looking stix.
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For sticks and links I have found letting the mix get closer to room temp and mixing in a little water makes the stuffer much easier to crank.

By the way, the sticks look great !!!
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I have this model.

The hard to press issue is also accompanied with the meat coming past the seals of the plunger. This makes a huge mess. Works like a charm on the larger diameters.... just not the snack stick size.

I am definitely going to try the added water and a little warmer (my ground meat especially stays about 34 degrees until it hits the smoker)

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With a plunger style stuffer I have heared a wash clothe works well to seal the gap to keep meat from going past the seals of the plunger (or of coarse use a jerky gun !!!).
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Very nice looking snack sticks there Mark. I like the new smoker too.
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Never thought of a wash cloth!

Thanks! I gotta try that trick when it comes time for some sausage links.

mballi, thanks for the kind words. I am new to this and I am sure I will figure out what NOT to do if/when this one goes belly up.

Thanks all

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Those are awesome...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Yup very nice indeed-good job Mark.
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I have never done any , but really looks good to me.
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