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X-mas Bourbon Ham

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Well here goes my attempt at john3198's maple bourbon ham for xmas...when I started this it was actually 2:00am x-mas morning. I have a 10 lb semi-boneless Daisyfield ham that Mrs SOB gets for X-Mas from her work to start with!

Imixed the ham paste as the directions stated but did a double batch since I didn't think a single batch would cover a ham this size...I was right!

Here it is all coated and ready to sit till later...

Keep ya 'all posted
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That has to be good! Looks good before you even get started.biggrin.gif Looking forward to more pics.
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Now thats a nice start to the christmas dinner. So I'll be in an out here so I'll check back later.
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Looking good so far.
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Its 1:30 here the hams in the smoker and trying to regain temps to 250*
Got my ET-73 set for an hour, will start mopping then. Heres a pic of the mopping mixture... a double batch

L8ter SOB
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Keep us in some SOB VIEW....
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Smoker is having trouble bringing temps up. the wind is gusting 20-25 mph @ 41* outside. Today I wish I had a double burner in my smoker...Gonna have to save up for that upgrade someday! I did the first mopping,the hampaste melted into the ham and looks beautiful. sorry no pics will try next hour...Unfortunately I may have to give into the wind and finish this baby in the oven.PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
L8ter SOB
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Looking forward to the qview.
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Looks Great to this point...
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Just did the 2nd mopping and snapped a pic...

I think I should have used a water pan today for faster recovery times. At hour #3 I will mopp a third time and bring it in to finish in the oven. what temps in the oven??? should I stay at 250* or go higher?? I dont have to push for time.... thanks for the help in advance!!
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Just did the mopping at hour#3 and pulled to finish in the oven...icon_redface.gif
Sorry to say the wind was too much. I'll need to insulate and put an outerskin on my smoker in the summer. Anywho...ON TO THE PIC...

More to come...Stay tuned to SOB-QTV
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Man that looks good....Cant wait to see her cut up
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Christmas Dinner is served!
The ham is done, Glazed with the maple bourbon ham glaze.
AWESOME! I definently recomend this Recipe! I smoked with cherry chunks and hickory chips. Let the film roll!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Little Miss SOB Liked it even though she "says she doesn't like ham!"tongue.gif

Thanks for Watching!
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Looks good, SOB. Glad it worked out for you. We just polished off 10 lb MB ham at a friends for dinner. Sounds like you got enough time get some good smoke flavor. How long in the oven and what temp?
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I don't blame her for liking it cause if it tastes near as good as it looks its awesome. Nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Congrats on a great looking smoke and Q. Points for making the little miss SOB smile on tasting the end product.
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3 hours in the smoker@ avg. temp 200* Mopped 3 times then into the oven @300* for another 2 hours...Glazed 2 times in the last hour!
Thanks John awesome taste made a good flavored ham soooo much better!points.gifto you my friend!
Thanks for watching
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Glad it worked out, buddy. One of the best I've tried. Nice save after the smoker went south. One guy today said after he tasted it: "I never would have guessed that a ham could taste that good". I promised to do a couple for him after the holidays.
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