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Everyone say hello to Barb - cajun fattie genius

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You have got to love a true cajun. She's my sister in law a few times removed but we're more like brother and sister than the rest of the family. Listen to this idea she had. Garlic and jalapena sausage, sun dried tamatos, crawfish tails, japs, pepperjack cheese. What more can you say?
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I'd say it sounds delicious, but where's the Q-view!
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Hello Barb

Geeze I like her already!!!

If you ever want to trade sister in laws, I'll trade 5 of mine for Barb and the fattie. icon_mrgreen.gif
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Sounds good. I could say......shrimp and oysters!
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That sounds awesome!
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Make that Fattie (and send me some)!

Barb sounds pretty awesome...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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That does sound good.
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Besides WOW, all I can say is this thread is usless without PICTURES.icon_smile.gif
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... AND Barb - where's Barbara???
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Roll it up and I have the lighter and then we can light the smoker and smoke that thing up. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifIt sounds really good and I hope you didn't make one without Qview. You have to be on drugs.
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Easy Biggun! I haven't made it yet! I'll q-view you people with some otherstuff today and get that cajun fatties going soon, I promise.

Another recipe came up last night. A greek fattie...ground lamb stuffed with calamata olive, feta chees and stuff like that. topped with tziziki.

And no, I'm doing that today either! I'm smoking ribs today. Yes there will be Q-view.

Geez! icon_smile.gif
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You had me at crawfish, but I'll be really disappointed if there's not some boudin in that smoke!
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We are a tough audience...icon_mrgreen.gif
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That sounds good. I haven't done a fatty like that, but I did do a stuffed pork loin with crawfish, rice, and cajun trinity last year. Seasoned it with aundouille sausage seasoning and it came out real nice.

Merry Christmas to everyoneicon_smile.gif
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