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Turkey and Pheasant swimming together

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Not sure if this has been discussed but I could use some guidance from those who are in the know.

Would it be a problem to brine a couple of pheasants along with a turkey? the same container of brine.

Thanks in advance for any assistance, John
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I wouldn't see a problem. Anyone else?
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Brine is brine, . I wouldn't do fish and poultry or meat and poultry but they're both poultry so no fowl. <---- horrible pun!

And well ....... if they were friends in life, I'd say go ahead. Won't hurt anything.
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I'm with these two guys here you should be fine. I don't see any problem with a group brining. All in the pool.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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The only issue I have would be if it were a store bought turkey and wild pheasants. If they were all wild I wouldn't worry at all about any possible cross-contamination. Probably there's no real basis for my concern but if it were me I'd separate them just to be sure.
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Thanks guys for the replies. As I suspected, there shouldn't be a problem......I just needed some reassurance.

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